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The Beginning

In 1972, way before the Internet, Leonard Marsh, Hyman Golden and Arnold Greenburg said to themselves, “We should create an all-natural beverage New Yorkers will love.” And voilà! Snapple was born. It started as a small grassroots company, with the first beverages sold out of a Brooklyn storefront and is still one of NY’s most beloved beverages.


Birth of an icon

Major beverage and technological revolutions occur with the birth of the desktop computer and Snapple's Lemon Iced Tea.


Super Premium Juices

Over a quarter century of Snapple refreshment rides into the new millennium, adding Super Premium Juices to the famous line-up that's Made from the Best Stuff on Earth.

"Real Facts"

People popping the cap are pleasantly surprised by the wealth of knowledge in a Snapple. Real Facts becomes a phenomenon amongst beverage enthusiasts worldwide.


A new look

Just when you thought the best couldn't get better, the Snapple gets a facelift and its formulas are refined to a tailored taste bud fit.

Diet Half 'n Half

Snapple's Diet Half 'n Half hits the market, bridging the gap between lemonade lovers and iced tea tastemakers. Riding a wave of diet beverage mania, Diet Half 'n Half delivers the goods all across America.